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03      When Calling Home Feels Like A Second Job

If you have been away from your family or lived away from them, you know what I mean by ‘calling home’.

Tonight I called my parents after months I had not talked to them. The main excuse I used to come up with was I was not close to anyone of them. Before I knew it, for months, I had been feeling that my parents and I were drawing further and further apart, without any way to draw closer again.

But then, I realized if I did not put an end to it, the whole thing would give a great impact to my life or even my future kids. What we pass onto our children depends on what reflection we have from our parents. To call home is to keep in touch.

In those past few months I did not talk to them, I felt more and more hesitant to call home because it seemed like a burden to pick up the phone and talk to them. Parents are parents.

Typically speaking, they are full of advices and ALL of us dread that. Unless you do not know what you want in life and parents seem to be your last resort to decide what you should do in life, then it would be another story.

But at the end, I am glad to have called them because it was the longest yet the closest conversation I had ever had with them and it felt like talking to friends. And with friends, it is always good to catch up.

Oh, by the way, did anybody notice that today is 03/03/03? It is surreal. Maybe that is why I called home.