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11      Whatcha Yellin’ For?

Unpleasant people (a.k.a. nasty people). What’s the deal with them?!

In our lives, we know at least, I repeat — at least, one of them. There is a good news. Ther is a bad news, which is they cannot be stopped. The good news is that there is something that we can do about it. Categories of people who ‘made’ your day, as follow:

One day, you come to work with a smile to start a brand new day. First thing you see one of your coworkers with a bitter face for no reason — or for a reason that you know nothing about. Your day has been ruined. Ignorance.

Your supervisor who is better known as Hitler, never says any greetings to you. He passes by you and bumps into you on your shoulder. It was a hard one! He says nothing, not even a simple sorry. Ignorance.

While walking down the street, you see someone that looks familiar to you. Oh, she is your client. You say ‘hello’ to her. Not only that, you nod at her. She returns none of it. Even worse, she feigns you were nobody. Ignorance.

You are on a massive line for a cup of macchiato when suddenly, this guy, out of nowhere, cuts the line and pretends he were before you. As any sane person, you snap at him and stand for your rights. Instead of apologizing, he argues with you and insists on standing before you. Ignorance.

Incident after incident. This list could go on but it is not worth a penny for your mind. Why, you ask. By the way, all the above truly happened.

It is generally good to hear from both sides of the story. First, we should see from their perspective — those with ignorance. People who hurt others more likely than not, hurt themselves. Seems like the only way for them to solve their problem is to make others suffer just as much, which is totally unfair.

If they hurt you so badly, you should keep a distance from them. However, if it is not too oppressive, you might like to try getting along with them. It might be harder to practice the latter. It is more challenging, but nevertheless more effective. You have to try accepting them regardless of your feeling . For people to see you react nicely to their unpleasant treatment, it perplexes them. But being pleasant yourself, most likely than not, gets rids of other people's power over you. At the end, everybody knows who the winner is.