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15      Toasted Sesame Bagel with Two Slices of American Cheese

When there are so many choices in life, do we opt to change or keep the tradition?

There is a wide selection of things in life, it can be quite confusing. Naturally, nobody likes being confused or not knowing what to get. Living in a country where everything is within a reach, it is a privilege. With so many alternatives, paths in lives, options in hands, it is free for all to decide what we want for ourselves. But does it mean we are open for changes — or even A change?

Tell me, how many times do we have the same sausage and egg for breakfast? How many times do we go to the same deli, although we know that they rip you off? Without being open for other options or even a slight thought of changing the so-called ritual.

Nobody likes changes. In fact, changes can be intimidating. We feel secured when we know what to get. When we order the same thing over and over again, there is a guarantee of knowing what to expect. It is almost like an unbreakable routine. But before we know it, we become unaware that we restrict ourselves from other options. When I was little, my family had a cleaning lady who ate rice and salt only as a meal. I remember asking her why she did that when all of us kept offering her other things to eat. Her answer was always “I have no choice”. When she did have a choice to eat something else, but she refused it.

When we constantly have a certain thing in a long period of time, we are more likely to develop a mindset of thinking it is wrong to have something else. Meanwhile, we can spice up our lives — by trying new things. Don’t you want to try Tabasco sauce in your fried rice? Don’t you wish to try raw salmon with seaweed-wrapped-sticky rice for lunch? Don’t you want to try half-and-half in your black coffee for once?

Through changes, life can be more stimulating, not knowing what to expect. Changes can be challenging, but they show us that there are plenty of other things to choose from. Changes make our life become richer, knowing that there is a wide selection in life. Changes give us an opportunity to add flavors in our lives that one day, we would be able to wake up and be satisfied because we have been there, done that.