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20      White Discussion

The war is obscure. It is unavoidable for anybody not to give two cents about what's going on in the world these days.

For a segment on TV, my coworker and I were interviewed yesteday by a reporter from one of the news stations. The main question was how we felt about the war. She said she was scared. I was more confident toward the homeland security. Although I felt worried about the uncertainty of the after-effect, in this case, the war. The post-traumatic syndrome, the destruction, the civilians, the war budget and the list goes on.

Just the other day, I saw people on the Fifth Avenue, marching for the St. Patrick’s Day. All I observed was they were either drunk or green. Today, we talked about the war. Some of us seemed oblivious about the current situation. The weather was a more important issue to them. They were complaining about the cold weather in spring. Perhaps they were just trying to forget it all.

The war is not something to run away from. Whether we close our eyes for one minute or two, it will still be there. It is unapologetic how the war has to be the last resort to solve the conflict between countries. There is a price for everything and the price of war is high for it involves human beings. All this discussion, though politically correct, is dead beyond destruction.