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30      Aprenda La Nueva Lengua, Anyone?

One of my childhood memories that I vividly remember, that motivated my initial intention to learn Chinese was when my Mom handed me down comics from her past. All of them were in Chinese. Mom used to read them to me and translated me word by word. Being a kid and having no friends who spoke Chinese, it was not a simple task.

Every weekend we would go for a visit to Grandma’s and Grandpa’s house. Visiting them was always a thrill because I could see my cousins and play with them. But when it came to a part where I had to talk to my Grandparents, it was tough because they solely spoke Chinese to me and I was ineloquent.

As time goes by, I still talk to my parents in adequate Chinese. Although, most of the time I reply in either English or Malay, which could be challenging. Interestingly enough I understand more than I can speak. There were times when indigenous people who hailed from China would approach me on the streets to ask for directions and it felt good to be able to assist them.

Last week I found out that one of my college friends had just left her hometown, Jakarta, to join her husband in Vienna, Austria. Adapting to a lifestyle in a new place is one thing but learning a new language is another thing. She has to learn German to be able to survive in most of European countries. I wish her luck because as of right now, I am trying to self-learn Tagalog for one of my co-workers is a Filipina, and it is hard, I am telling you.

Next is Arabic, perhaps?