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22      Fact or Fiction

On the way to Long Island, I saw an accident on Southern State Parkway. An SUV flipped onto a road divider. The wheels were still rotating although the whole vehicle was on top of the grass. A man, who looked like a good Samaritan, was trying to pull the driver out of the vehicle. Even though I was passing by for a split second, I could see how the good Samaritan had a tough time pulling the unfortunate driver out.

There was a stretch of traffic right behind the scene. The particular side of the Parkway was quickly filled by people who stopped, stepped out of their vehicles and tried to lend helping hands, as well as other vehicles that tried to avoid the whole situation.

Whenever there is an accident, there is always a chain reaction to it. During a bad winter storm last December, I saw a multiple car accident which involved ten cars, one right behind another. The worst thing was that they could not even be moved due to the weather. The vehicles were literally forced to stay where they were, until help came.

Meanwhile, I remember it was a hot sunny afternoon when I had to go and pick up a lady who apparently owned one of the biggest shopping centers on Orchard road. I buzzed her suite which located right above the shopping center. She answered and asked who it was. I mentioned my Mom’s name and she told me she would be right with me on the main level. We met and had tea afterwards. During the meeting, she told me that she wanted to take me out for lunch the next day. The lunch at this restaurant would cost at least, specifically, $700 each. People went to the place for a prestige, disregarding the costly lunch.

As I was walking out of the center, I saw a huge crowd of people who were sun-bathing in the lobby site. I thought it was bizarre to see they let people do that. On top of it, they were all wearing bikinis, thongs and shorts. I kept walking and saw puddles of clear water on the walkway as it was clear blue sky, right after the rain.

The accident that I saw on Easter Sunday was a fact. The meeting with the old lady was a dream on Sunday night. It was peculiar as after I saw the accident, it felt as if it had not been real. But after I woke up from the dream, it felt as if I were to finish the whole dream to find out what would happen afterwards, as if it had been real.

Sometimes there are times when it is hard to differentiate between the reality and fantasy. This is one of them.