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26      You Got Spam

Spam is contagious. Spam is a canned meat product. Spam is a convenient way to buy and store food — meat, to be specific. And, spam (without the capital ‘S’) is unwanted electronic mail or junk mail. For something that is made of pork shoulder, ham and spices, not any kind of spices but secret spices, mind you, but I digress. This is not a post on Spam the ham but the other spam.

Depending on each individual, the other spam is considered junk mail. Some people might enjoy and welcome the incoming of the spam. Inevitably, it hits our inboxes every day, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

The Internet is an innovative marketing invention, an effective substitution for those catalogues that used to and still flood our residential mail boxes. The Internet as a marketing tool reaches individuals throughout the world. It is easy, simple, circulative and powerful. An article on a local newspaper reported how a company profitted millions of dollars by using this marketing tool. It sounds outrageous but it happens.

With subjects like “Download Free Money Making Software” or “Watch Me Wiggle” or “Tired of Your Life? So Get A New One!”. They can be as personal as “You and Kelsey” or “Stop Ignoring Me” or “Is This You?”. Offering me free money, personal pictures and even a brand new life. Have they lost their minds?

The best part of spam is those junk emails come with an ‘understanding’ option to ‘unsubsribe’. The more you opt out by filling the “unsubcribe me” box with your email address, congratulations! you will receive more spam mails than ever. Several Internet providers offer spam protection. There are also softwares that offer to clean your inbox from the spam, such as SpamKiller from McAfee, others such as SpamBuster and SpamPunisher.

A good ol’ button would do the job just as well. It is the ‘Delete’ button. Hit ‘Delete’ for it sets you free. You can do it!