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17      Good Bye 4xx, Welcome Axx!

Moving is like getting a new boyfriend (or whichever case you are in, girlfriend) — it is time for a new life. There is a huge list of what-to-do things before having that first good-night sleep in your new bedroom (or in the living room, in our case, while waiting for the bedroom to be painted). The list goes on from packing (all the appliances, clothes, shoes, books, magazines, records, CDs, DVDs, PCUs, etc.), repacking all of the above, rearranging them to newly-designated locations. This whole process does not even include finding a new place.

Dealing with a broker is one thing, gathering six lawyers from six different law firms for a closing date is another thing.

Deciding to move is quite a major step in life for it involves a different layout of place, new neighbors, new super-intendent, new parking garage, new laundry room — new everything, basically — to name a few. On top of it all, totally different routes to work and leisure. A change of buses and subway lines. A different group of daily commuters. Different local delis, gas stations and even banks.

But before it all, there is always a period where there is a need to fix all the electrical outlets, get rid of all the moldings, repaint the walls and ceilings, scrub the bathroom tiles, vacuum the floors, throw the old air-conditioner, take off the ugly pink carpet, hang up paintings, place a new cabinet, put a welcome mat, change the light bulbs, spray the closets, clean the kitchen cabinets, clear the fridge, wipe the stove, put up new blinds. These are, of course, some of the tasks to do before settling into a new place.

There is a lot of stuff to take care of, but the end result is worth every single sweat. A satisfaction of owning a new place. A great feeling of having neighbors who say ‘hi’ to you (in English). An excitement of inviting people for a housewarming party and last but not least, a relief of not having to pay that bloody 930-dollars-a-month rent anymore.

Cheers to the new home!