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26      The Land of Milk and Honey

Everyone from around the world desires to come to the United States of America. Although there is a bit of sentiment from other continents that might not find the States too amusing. However, if you ask any immigrant on this land of freedom, more likely than not, they would tell you that it was always one of their dreams to make it to the USA.

It makes you think what is so great about the States than anywhere else.

Only in America, you can find an Armenian sitting next to a Japanese with a Greek man next to a Mexican señorita on a long subway seat.
Only in America, you are able to check updated news seconds after an incident occured.
Only in America, you get to choose Advil, Tylenol, Tylenol Extra, Motrin, Excedrin to get rid of your headache.
Only in America, you can find out any sports game score right at the same time the game is on.

Only in America, you are given options of New York Times, Daily News, El Paso Times, Newsday or even the USA Today to fulfill your hunger for news.
Only in America, you can flip the bird to the guy who honked at you and not get sued for that.
Only in America, you are allowed to publish any kind of publication in any language at any time as a form of freedom of speech.
Only in America, you get to wear those itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny-yellow-polka-dot bikinis in Summer on a regular subway trip and it will not draw whistles from anyone.

Only in America, you need to take thirty minutes to decide on whether you want a Philly-cheese steak, Sushi, Bim-bim Bap, Quesadilla, Chicken Chow Mien or a Ruben for lunch.
Only in America, you get to go to a ball game at 2, an NBA at 7 and a Metallica concert at 9 on a same day.
Only in America, you are given a wide selection of regular, reduced-fat, 1%, 2% or fat-free for just about anything and even organic, non-dairy or lactaid-free. Not to mention, non-wheat and non-peanut products.
Only in America, you get to pick over 600 channels on Cable TV all day, every day.

Only in America, you can be a Met fan at the same time a Ranger fan as well as a Knick fan and a Giant fan.
Only in America, if you are gifted, you can receive your Doctorate degree at the age of 17 and perform your first surgery the next day.
Only in America, you are able to select among Twix, Twizzlers, Reese’s, Gold Fish, Animal Crackers, Chips Ahoy, Oreo’s at all times.
Only in America, you can be a huge fan of Bernie Mac and see him shop in SoHo.

This can go on and on. The Americans themselves might not realize these many blessings that deliver the convenience to them nor appreciate them. But the immigrants are always there to remind them of the reality they should be grateful for. That is the beauty of it. After all, the land that you love was built and cherished by all the immigrants that made their ways here — their home sweet home.

As a conjunction to the Memorial Day (as of today), this is a post on my home sweet home — USA.

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!