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31      Self-Publicity

I like personal ads. They are simple yet complicated. A personal ad says “SWTF SSNHYE 25-35y.o.”. Now, what is that supposed to mean? It is simple. It saved whoever wrote it a great amount of money to keep it as an one-liner. But, a potential responder might not be able to translate it as “Single White Thin Female Seeks Someone Neat, Honest, Young, Energetic 25-35 years old”.

Personal ads are intriguing. There is so much you can compose to describe yourself in certain words. A person might use personal ads to find a promising friendship. Another might use them as ways to meet a partner in leisure. As for others, they might see them as ways to discover their partner in life or even true love.

There are pros and cons for just about anything in life. The same theory applies to personal ads.

The downside of personal ads is people who are not familiar with them, might find them unconvincing. Nobody can be sure of somebody unless they are facing the person face to face. Someone might put a certain age in their ad, meanwhile they can be 10 years older than the actual age or vice-versa. Therefore, honesty plays a great role in delivering one’s data in a personal ad.

Another downside of personal ads is others might find them as ads put up by people who are desperate in their love lives — which is not necessarily true. Depending on your characters, being shy in public happens. It is a great possibility in finding a potential partner through personal ads.

The upside of personal ads is they are opportunities for people to meet others in a public manner. In order to reach out for others, it should start from oneself. Another positive aspect of personal ads is they are easily accessed by just about anybody who are open enough to respond the ads. Those who are open-minded for changes.

Most of the time, personal ads are used as ways to meet people. Others might use them for friendship. Others might use them to widen their perspectives in knowing other people. The more people you know, the more knowledge you gain.

Personal ads can be used to advertise yourself. Although there is an existence of people with negative mindsets of personal ads, they should be apprehended as a means of self-publicity. As we all know, there is no such a thing as bad publicity. After all, a bad publicity is a good publicity and a good publicity is, well, a good publicity.