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10      Reality Vs. Insanity

It was the third time today I saw someone talk to himself.

The first time, it was when we were drinking our cups of iced-coffee and hearing voices that was coming out of a lady who was sitting next to our table. At first I thought she was just whispering something. But it got worse and worse. She kept going on and on. We were not sure what she was saying and just sitting there having our own conversation. At least we had each other to talk to, unlike somebody.

It was on the train the second time I saw someone talking to himself. He kept going on about the weather, the people that had messed him up, about the government. A result of stress that could not be relieved, I suppose.

The third time which happened today, when I saw my manager sitting next to me and talking to himself. He was not exactly what you call talking to me or himself. He was actually complaining about a situation that disturbed him so much that he kept saying things which I could not quite understand. I wish he could speak fluent English sometimes.

The point is that things get so rapid in New York City, that even the most normal person thinks it is common to see others talk to themselves. People understand what kind of life you have to go through to make it in a big city like New York. People consider those who talk to themselves as those who are brave enough to do it in public. People think that it is okay to do it as long as you do not take that last seat of the subway ride.

Have you experienced of talking to yourself publicly without even noticing it?