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13      Come Out and Play

Yesterday we woke up and decided to take the car all the way to the Bronx — the Bronx zoo, to be specific. Going on the Grand Central parkway, over the Whitestone bridge, we arrived at the zoo. Right in front of the entrance to the parking zone, two parking officers waved and instructed everybody to leave the spot and find other locations to park the car due to the unavailable parking spots. The weather was that nice that everyone decided to leave their homes and go to the zoo. Not any kind of zoo, but the Bronx zoo.

Zoo is such a great place for adults and children. Adults can stroll around. Children can have a great time without disturbing moms and dads. Although I came across naughty children who refused behaving while being on line at the food center. Yes, I got kicked, snapped and soft-slapped by the hyper-active kids. Was there anything I could do about it? No, they are kids, anyway. It is always more difficult to face kids rather than adults.

Places like the zoo are not exactly places where you can expect reasonable prices for just about anything. There are six different places in the zoo area where you have to pay extra — on top of the admission fee. Such as, the Skyfari, zoo shuttle, Congo (to see the gorillas), Children Zoo, Butterfly Zone, Bengali Express, Camel rides. Oh, did I mention seven? They range from US$2 to US$3. Although fees to places like Congo are understandable considering that they use the cash to help the conservation of nature in Africa.

Besides all those fees, you should consider spending more money on foods, drinks and souvenirs. Not to mention, the gas.

Right after exploring the zoo, we decided to go to City Island as I had never been there before and heard so much of it as a great place to eat seafood and enjoy the beach. As we were on the way there, right to the left was Orchard beach, to the right was City Island. We went all the way to the last eateries which had everything you named it. From lobsters to scallops. From calamaris to soft-shell crabs. From
ices to slush. It was a great day to spend your hard-earned money.

On days like these, you become grateful that you are one of the working-class people. You have all the chances to enjoy the city, the surroundings, the entertainment. What about today — Sunday, you ask? No activities but full rest. The highlight of the day is probably grocery shopping at 4 in the afternoon.

How did you spend this weekend?