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20      In Bulk We Trust

Shopping in a place like Costco (similar to Carrefour in Singapore or Europe) can be pretty intimidating. Everything on display comes in a dozen or more. Nothing is sold individually, hence the term wholesale. In order to gain a so-called entry permit to this warehouse, there is a need of an annual membership.

So, yesterday we went to Costco for our monthly shopping-in-bulk experience. By the entrance, we were entering into this huge warehouse with a group of people. I kid you not, but there were at least thousands of shoppers that day. In fact, everytime we go there, there are always thousands of people. Why, oh why? I am not a fan of shopping with a big crowd.

After taking take care of the necessities, such as Poland Spring, soap, eyeglasses, and fishes, we headed to one of the checkout counters. We were again, behind a huge line. While waiting for it to clear, I went ahead to the snack bar to buy their famous swirl non-fat yogurt. Hmm... vanilla and chocolate flavors in one cup! Better still, non-fat!

It was so cheap yet so fulfilling. I could not figure it out, how Costco would be able to gain any profit with such a low price. Then again, all the prices on the menu were so low that nobody could resist trying one of each.

Right after scoping my first taste of the yogurt, I almost finished with the checkout. Signing the receipt, off we were to the parking lot, finding the car. Honestly, there is no way for anyone to shop at Costco and not having a vehicle to take those things that come in bulk from one point to another. We tried it before. Using all sorts of ideas. From home plastic bags (Warehouses do not supply their customers with shopping bags) to backpacks. From garbage bags to knapsacks. You name it, we have tried it.

At least now that we are done shopping for our monthly needs, things are adequate until next month when we have to start doing the whole shopping ritual all over again.