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27      A Mountain Person or Beach?

Time like Summer, you become more aware of how to spend your spare time wisely. After all, it is Summer! What's the big deal? — you ask.

First of all, it is only hot, very hot once a year for three months. After that, everything is gloomy and cold. It gets dark as early as 5 in the afternoon. It is not fun for someone who enjoys being outdoor. You cannot go camping. You cannot go to the beach. You cannot go to any public pool because it is close during cold season.

On top of it all, you cannot go to places like Six Flags, Splish Splash, Atlantic City or Coney Island when it is cold out because it is not fun to wear six different layers of warm clothes and walk on places like the above. It is fun to do it when surf is up and the sun is definitely up too.

Summer can be divided by two main categories as far as the activities go. Those who enjoy the sun — hence beach people. Those who like the mountains — mountain people. Characteristically speaking, they might differ from one another. Beach people like things (eg. beach towels, hats, chairs, sandals, etc) while mountain people need things (eg. pocket knives, knapsacks, matches, first-aid kits). Beach people like seafood, mountain people do not mind any food because it can be tough to find food in the woods. Beach people enjoy radios, mountain people like their own instrumental music, such as guitar. The list goes on forever.

Taking a drive to the beaches, I love. Walking up and down the hills and mountains, I enjoy. Lying down on the sand while sunbathing by the ocean, I like. Making fire in the woods and cook spaghetti in a stainless steel pot, I relish.

Is it possible for someone to be a half-beach, half-mountain person?

“Beach people seek the three S’s - sun, sand, surf.
Mountain people like a different set of S’s — solitude, shade, sleeping bag.”

—Bill Kirby