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10      Animals and Festivals

So we decided to go to Flushing Meadow Park. After all, it was a nice day out.

First stop, Queens Zoo. It is smaller compared to other zoos such as Bronx Zoo. Nevertheless it was a magnificent place to be at. Walking down rows of trees, fountains after fountains, waterfalls and not to mention, ducks. I had never seen so many different kinds of ducks before I stood by a pond overlooking hundreds of ducks and baby ducks, birds and cranes at this zoo.

On the right hand side, there were the ducks. On the left, there were two alligators sitting still, looking for their enemies or plain food. A few steps away, the Coyotes were literally running around us, behind the fence, they thought it was lunch time! When it was the cracked corn that we carried with us. Animals after animals. It was breathtaking!

Right after we stepped outside the zoo, we looked for a snack shop. In front of us, there was a huge crowd and music at the same time. Aha! It was Ecuadorian Day Festival. The cultural event that was colored with food and festive. There was a lot of traditional Ecuadorian food that we were not accustomed to, but we tried it anyway. Because, first, we were curious. Second, we were simply hungry! There was even a huge stage with performance by a Hispanic music group as we were passing by. The crowd was massive!

We continued our journey by getting into the car because the park was
too huge to explore. Traffic was horrendous. There was a mere space for a car to park within Forest Hills area. It was a walking distance to get back to the park. The Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival was being held by the lake, as we walked back in.

After miles of walking, we got there to find nothing but closing time for all the tents. Except for the crowd of the last few boats, there was not much to see. But, hey, two major events within one day — the zoo and the other festival — were more than enough. Another day in the big city.