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24      New York, New York

The latest survey of world's most expensive city for this year, 2003,
Oslo falls on the first. Followed by Hong Kong, Tokyo and New York on the fourth. Meanwhile in the US, New York has been titled as the most expensive state to live in.

By now, everybody knows that it is costly to live in New York City, as opposed to the whole New York State. Living in a borough such as Manhattan can cost triple the amount of money you need to spend on rent somewhere else — even compared to other boroughs like Queens. A studio-sized apartment is worth thousands of dollars, just because it is in Midtown or the West Side. Definitely for the convenience.

This year when the MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority) had to increase the rate of buses and trains, almost everybody was against it. Although at the end, the new rate was still applied. When the Government decided to increase the sales tax from the already-high-tax of 8.25% to 8.625%, everyone could not believe what they heard. Again, the New Yorkers was not given any last words. On top of it, the federal tax went up too.

Is it worth the expense to live in New York City? It is one of the world’s largest and most globalized cities. It is well-known for its museums, theaters, restaurants — even its professional sports teams. Major employers in New York City include accounting, stock-brokerage, consulting, insurance, law and financial services firms. For a career in advertising, business, theater or art, it is the place to be.

Now, back to the first question — is it worth it to live here? As they say — Hell, yeah!