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27      Self-Indulgence

With what goes around in the city, anybody needs a spa to take break in. Break from break-outs, break from break-downs.

After my t-shirt shopping session, I walked my way to a spa on Park Avenue to have my facial and hair treatments — one of my last year’s birthday presents.

Once I got there, a lady showed me the way to the locker room. First, they gave me a pair of slippers that they wanted them returned by the end of the sessions. Second, they wanted me to take a shower and then go to a women’s lounge a.k.a. waiting room.

As I walked into the lounge, I wondered why there was a man waiting there as well in a bathrobe. Did it not say clearly “Women’s Lounge” on the sign?. Oh, well, whatever.

Once I took a seat in the lounge, there were jugs of water with oranges and lemons, dried fruits as well as Luna bars (again, energy bars for women), coffee and tea, magazines, as well as candles everywhere. There was even soothing music in the background.

It was only a few minutes before a lady called me. Mary was my facial specialist for the day. She was very helpful and thorough on doing my skin as well as massaging. Her skin itself was glowing.

Right after facial, I sat back at the lounge. After awhile, there was another lady showed me the way to the salon for my hair treatment. She gave me a hairwash, hairmassage and hairdry. Kate, a stylist from Melbourne, did a blowdry for me at the end. Apparently, we agreed on “You eat nothing but bread once you have arrived in the US”, and that “Sushi is incredibly expensive here”. It was a great chat with her.

I guess I am every woman, who likes to be pampered although just for a day.