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31      The Inexistence of Little Adults

On the way to the subway station, I saw a young girl who was wearing a spandex tube top with a wide belly opening and tight hoochie-mama pants with shades that made her overall outfit look like a partygoer. She was probably nine years old at the most. The word ‘cute’ did not suit the picture. She is not an adult. She is not teenager. She is a kid.

There are several reasons why juveniles want to behave like adults, wear clothes like adults, speak like adults, carry themselves like adults.

I can understand why they want to look like someone they admire, therefore they act like adults and wear things that are meant for adults. If this is the case, why do the parents not show them how to behave like their own age?

There are other cases where the parents have to be held responsible when the child does not want to look like an adult but be turned as one. They are let to do anything they see from the mass media such as television or magazines. The parents can be the reasons why the children mature faster than they are naturally supposed to.

When the public look at a little girl who wears clothes like an adult, just like the one that I saw today, chances are they look more sexual. Chances are those older men do not see her as a cute little girl as any young girl meant to be.

What gave me a weird feeling about today’s occurrence was that I saw her parents were with her. What were they thinking? It is as if her childhood is being taken away from her.

I wonder if she does the same things as I did when I was her age. Does she play with Barbie? Does she even have one? Does she even know one? Does she watch the cartoon shows at five? Does she get her Happy Meal every weekend with Mom and Dad? Or does she go out with older men?

The latter gives me a goose bump. It sounds more like a stigma to the society.