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03      Does It Matter?

It is now common to see couples of young people with much-older partners. Makes you think — do age differences really matter?

They do matter. In fact, any differences in a relationship matter. Differences in ways of thinking, perspectives, priorities in life do play parts in any relationships. Great age differences somewhat affect the way couples lead their lives.

Let’s say there is an older woman with a younger man. The woman will be much future-orientated than the man because basically women mature faster than men. What if it is the other way around — an older man with a younger woman/girl. The main thing that gets affected will be their sex life. The girl is still sexually active meanwhile the older man might have passed his sexual prime time.

However, there are other possibilities of both cases to exist, no matter what. An older woman might look attractive for younger man because she looks settled, organized and she is probably more financially stable as well. On the other hand, a younger woman can be attracted to an older man because he looks like a role model to her. Perhaps he reminds her of her father that she admires. Perhaps he is very wise in terms of living. Perhaps he has a lot of money to support her.

Looking at their other sides — there are always two sides of any story — the older woman who has a younger man as her companion might feel needed and at the same time, she has a need to take care of someone in life. As for the older man’s case — why wouldn’t it feel good to be old yet attractive to younger women?

Bottom line is if you are serious about your partner in life and you are with the person for whatever reason, try to think ahead. Ask yourself this question. Is the person the same person that you would like to share your life with in the next twenty to thirty years from now?