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07      Chinese Food Makes Me Sick

Raise your hands if you don’t like Chinese food. No, really. Think about it, who doesn’t like Chinese food?

Like Pizza, Chinese food is the most popular food compared to others like gyros. What makes Chinese food any better than other kinds of food?

Chinese food is everyone’s favorite, you can find it everywhere. Small, big, eat-in, take-away restaurants or eateries are all over the place. It is very accommodating. It is like the Asian version of McDonald’s. Except that they do not give out toys. Instead, they give out sweet-and-sour sauce.

Do you know that the most popular food in the world is rice? Rice has been such an integral part of Chinese food. Almost all the Chinese dishes come with rice. Be it white, brown rice or vegetable, pork fried rice.

Chinese food is so cheap that you can eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner and it still will not make a hole in your pocket. Okay, maybe not for breakfast.

With all the above, is there any reason not to like Chinese food? The answer is yes. The most common ingredient in Chinese food is salt. You are lucky enough if you can get away with MSG (Monosodium Glutamate). Chinese food is so salty that your salt intake is adequate for the rest of the week, only from one meal.

The other ingredient is oil. Chinese food is so oily that you feel the grease all over your face once you are done with it. Last but not least, a typical Chinese food contains a lot of sauce. Oyster sauce, Sweet and sour sauce, Barbeque sauce, Dark sauce, Soy sauce, any sauce. Sauce is such an important part of Chinese food that if you do not have sauce with your Chinese food, it feels like walking in public with your birthday suit. Literally speaking.