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08      Don’t Be Hatin’

Is it just me or people are getting meaner?

While walking on the 23rd street, there was a guy standing by the public phone asking me for quarters.

Man: “I need quarters to make phone calls.”
Lina: “I don’t have any.”
Man: “How could you not have any!? Give me some quarters!!”

I took a million steps away from him to go to the subway station. I looked around, he was still doing it to other people as well as screaming at them.

As I stepped onto the subway, I looked around to find a seat. There was hardly a space between a woman and a man. The woman moved aside to give me a space. The man on the other hand was not moving at all. His legs were still widely spread. However I managed to sit.

At the next stop, I saw an empty double seat, I moved myself there. Sitting right across me was a black woman sitting by herself. A man hopped on and asked her to let him sit next to her. But instead of letting him, the woman refused giving him the seat and said that she could not do it. He looked puzzled. What’s wrong with her? He pushed himself into the little space. She looked pissed and sat still at the same angle. She was sitting diagonally, hardly giving the poor man any space.

Honestly I thought it would go on until the last stop. But at the 21st street stop, the woman left her seat. Before she left the car, she smacked the man with her shopping bag. I could not believe my eyes. The man was screaming profusely. He was cursing at her at the same time. The woman was so mean I could not understand why she did that to him when all he asked for was just a plain seat.

Another trip home was by bus. I was sitting by the entrance when I saw a woman sitting by the aisle. A man stepped on and pushed himself to a seat next to her.

Woman: “Say ‘excuse me’!”
Man: “You should have let me in right away”
Woman: “Fat fuck! You gotta lose weight! You’re too fat no wonder you couldn’t get in!”

She constantly said it. The man became so embarassed that he told her to shut up. Eventually he turned red. Before I knew it, it was my stop.

So, really, is it just me?

(based on urbandictionary, the idiom ‘don’t be hatin’’ means phrase often babbled by a whigger every time someone tries to smack him into reality by pointing out he is making a fool of himself and his race)