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12      City Hall

Today I made a trip to City Hall in downtown Manhattan to see my friend getting married. It was the first time I saw her husband-to-be in a hallway while waiting for their names to be called by a clerk. He is such a nice person. Him and his brother.

As usual, I was the first one there because hmm.. I don’t know. Maybe because I am always on time. She told me that they would have it at 2PM. They were fifteen minutes late for their own wedding. Anyway, there is no such a thing as being late for marriage at City Hall because they close at 4PM. Anyone who wants to get married, before 4PM, they are never late.

The clerk called their names, they asked her to wait because apparently they had to wait for my friend’s aunt, uncle and sister. Then, we waited for another half-an-hour. They still were not there yet. Finally someone showed up, her sister. We had it done in another room. It was nice although it could be done a little slower. The clerk who did it, seems to be in a rush. At the end, my friend whispered to me, “Lina, it doesn’t feel anything different”.

Is there anything different since you say the word “I do”?