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16      You Gotta Be In It To Win It

Going online (an actual people line), during lunch time was not a bad idea after all.

Today as I was walking toward Grand Central, passing by Bryant Park, there was a big crowd of Fashionistas. It was part of the Fashion Week. There was a huge tent to accommodate the fashion show. However, public could not get in; it was “by invitation only”. So I, as one of the public, was not among the audience. They handed me ‘Star’ magazine for free anyway. Now I would know what really happened to Ben and Jen!

Update: Apparently the issue of ‘Star’ that I got did not include the latest news on Ben & Jen. So, no news. Keep on watching the E tonight. Oh, like I care...

Then I walked some more. Right in the corner of 42nd Street and Sixth Avenue, I saw another crowd with an AOL(American OnLine) Street Team van right next to it. Today was apparently the first day for people in Manhattan to win tickets to Dave Matthews Band free concert in Central Park. The concert is in conjunction with the Bama Works Fund which will benefit The Fund for Public Schools in New York City and the Music Resource Center of Charlottesville, VA. Donation can be made by purchasing tickets online.

As quoted by the NY Post, Dave Matthews stated “Playing a free concert in Central Park has always been one of my fantasies, but I never thought it would come by”.

As for me myself, “Seeing a concert of Dave Matthews Band has always been one of my fantasies, not to mention a free one”.

People lined up to grab CD packs, which bore bar codes that revealed whether the recipient won tickets for the show. A guy in front of me shouted “I won, I won!” and right away made a call on his cellphone. Another line-up was next to the barcoder to redeem two tickets to the concert. Overheard in the line was:

Lady:(standing behind me) “I wonder what day the 24th is”
Man:(standing next to me) “I don’t know. All I know the 24th is my birthday”
Lina:(being sandwiched) “It’s Wednesday”
Lady:(scratching her head) “I don’t know if I can make it or not”
Lina:(Looking at her in disbelief) “If you can’t make it, you can always sell them on eBay”  (PS: You didn’t hear it from me)

I know it sounds terrible but it happens. People bid on the tickets for hundreds of dollars everywhere. I just hope that many of them would go toward the donation fund. As for winning free tickets, more to come tomorrow in five boroughs — until the 22nd. Good luck, people and may we see each other at the Park.