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29      Little Talk

Here is a very familiar dialogue.

Him : “Hi, how are you?”
Her : “Fine, and you?”
Him : “I’m okay. What are you up to?”
Her : “Nothing. How about you?”
Him : “Nothing much. What’s going on?”
Small talks like that can go on forever.
But is it necessary? I mean, really, does anybody have to go on with small talks like that forever?

Small talks are means for two people or more to start enganging in a conversation. Some of us do them because they are the ways to be polite to others, to socialize.

But, think again, how many times do we do it in a day, in a week, in a year? How many of us do it for the sake of doing it?

An article published in Jakarta Post written by Aidan Greenbury is intriguing. As followed:

When I was working at my previous place of employment, there was one receptionist who used to always ask me “Mau pulang Bu?” (“Going home Ma’am?") every evening after office hours.

I just smiled, though I was dying to say out loud: “No, actually I’m not. I just love to pretend that I’m ready to go home by carrying my bag, putting on my jacket, walking to the elevator, going down to the basement, unlocking my car only to lock it again to return back upstairs to my comfortable office cubicle - just to amuse you, alright?”

The article is pretty interesting, isn’t it? Once we think that all these small talks mean nothing, maybe it is time to get it on, straight to the point.
Cut the chase. No more basa-basi.