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01      Older Women, Younger Men

If you were a 45-year-old woman, would you date a 25-year-old man? If you were a 20-something man, would you date a 50-something woman? Does age matter as far as relationship is concerned?

There was once a disturbing fact of older men dating much younger women or worse, girls. Someone like Anna Nicole Smith who was married to a 90-year-old oil tycoon, billionaire J. Howard Marshall II, received a proposal when she was 19. Although Marshall had long died after just 14 months of their marriage, people often accused Anna a gold digger. Why? Because it was unusual for the society to accept the fact that a much older man was with a much younger woman.

Let’s face it, older men in reality are mature, settled, financially stable, and some other aspects such as their ownership of real-estate, vehicles as well as wealth. Although there is a possibility of the other way around. But most likely than not, they are hormonally settled.

It was then becoming more acceptable for older men to date younger women to the society. It could be for the above reasons. It could be because of the maturity of older men. It could be for whatever reason but it made sense because women matured faster than men.

The latest trend is no longer ‘Older Men, Younger Women’. But ‘Older Women, Younger Men’.

Call it a new age but the reality is that more and more older women date younger men. Celebrities like Demi Moore, 40, who is dating 25-year-old Ashton Kutcher. Meanwhile, Demi’s eldest daughter is ten years Ashton’s junior. Another case is, Cameron Diaz, 31, who once dated Justin Timberlake, 22. Even Madonna, 44, appears to have a great marriage life by 34-year-old director Guy Ritchie.

It might sound right for them to date somebody much younger. They are celebrities after all. But is it common to find older women who date younger men in our society? The answer is yes. It is a growing fact. The society might still be unable to accept the fact that older women would pursue relationships with much younger men.

Apart from the growing trend of older women, younger men, a relationship should be seen as a result of two people’s compability. They might be years apart but if they are compatible with each other, as in intellectually, sexually, socially compatible, they should not be questioned. There should not even be any judgment toward them. Okay, they look different. So, what? People who are in inter-racial relationships look different too. Okay, they look weird. Don’t all of us have a bit of weirdness in ourselves?

The bottom line is, there are possibilities as far as relationship goes. Be it male-male, female-female, older-younger, younger-older, gay, straight.
They are all right. Look at them as expanding your horizon — a wider selection in choosing life-partner. At the end of the day, it all comes back to you, you decide what you want, what you need.