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11      Food Trip

So we decided to go to Grimaldi’s for dinner.
Day and time of trip: Saturday, 7:35 PM
Post-meal Events: Admiring the Brooklyn Bridge
Weather: Clear, 68°
Pizza Ordered: 1 Large plain
Beverages: Peroni Italian beer
Costs: $18 for a large pie, $4 per drink

The first time I heard of this place, a client told me about it. I knew from a long time ago that she owned a restaurant, more like a family restaurant. But I never knew that it would be the famous Grimaldi’s.

Views of Grimaldi's

For those who are not familiar with it, well, it is actually a pizzeria but it is not like any pizzeria where you can get pizza by slices. They are so well-known for their pizzas, that people who go there would, most likely than not, order a whole pie (either a large 18 inch or small 16 inch) to either eat it alone or split it with the crowd.

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria is no doubt one of the best places to pizza. There has never been any other time for anyone to wait in a long line before dinner. The line is always so long that it feels like you are lining for a concert than a meal. But it is worth the wait in line and the hassles of hitting an ATM before you get there, because they accept cash only.

Pizza in the makingOnce you get in, what you see are red and white checked tablecloths, a medium-sized dining area with a huge crowd of beautiful people. I could have sworn I saw Simon of MTV Real World there, drinking wine and eating pizza. More things you can see Sinatra or Pavarotti tune from the jukebox, and photographs of Sinatra, Brando and other famous Italians. A casual setting, as suited for families and groups.

Dig in!As for the pizza, it is thin-crust, coal-oven pizza at its excellence. The sauce is rich and has generous chunks of tomatoes as well as fresh herbs, such as fresh basil leaves. Home-made fresh mozzarella tops the pie. The range of toppings includes everything from sundried tomatoes to red sweet roasted peppers made in Grimaldi’s famous coal-brick ovens.

If you ask for delicious pizza meals, then it is your best bet to go to Grimaldi’s. But, if service is on your top priority, you should consider going somewhere else. The pizza is so good the crowds keep coming in the waiters keep serving, there is no time to stop at anyone’s table and ask if everything is all right. The final verdict is mama mia!

This is not an advertisement for the above-mentioned restaurant. Based on a personal experience only.