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15      Boys Who Meet Boys, Girls Who Meet Girls

The recent same-sex/homosexual marriage has been on the spotlight in the US and Canada. While it was granted in July this year and recognized by Supreme Court of Canada, it is still not legally permitted in the US. Only one state in the US provides civil unions, that is Vermont. A civil union means allowing homosexual couples access to the benefits enjoyed by married heterosexuals — it can also be used by couples of differing sexes who do not prefer to enter into the legal institution of marriage.

Besides discussion on same-sex marriage, another related issue is a public recognition of same-gender relationships. In other words, they are free to publicly express their affection, they are free to have kids in ways such as adoption, sperm-donor, womb-donor.

There is a recent improvement in the US on this matter. Harvey Milk High School — named after the slain gay San Francisco politician — in New York City has become the nation’s first accredited public high school designed to meet the needs of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth (LGBTQ). It is still an on-going controversy whether it can be looked at as a school for students with special need or it is a waste of the taxpayers’ money.

Back to reality, there are still a lot of us who are biased to homosexuals. In big cities like New York City, San Fransisco or Sydney, where there are large gay communities, people are more open toward the idea of same-gender relationships. But, how about small towns and conservative countries? Do homosexuals have equal treatments as the heterosexuals?

When we were little, we were taught that girls were different from boys. When we were first born, we were indicated by colors; our mothers put blue color clothes on baby boys and pink on baby girls. Why? Because in this society, boys are different from girls. Boys are supposed to grow manly and as for girls? They are supposed to be feminine.

Boy who meets girl is ordinary. Now, when boy meets boy or girl meets girl, is it extra-ordinary? In this world, boys meet girls, boys meet boys and girls meet girls. They are the possibilities we are facing now and will always be. Is it so wrong?

It might be wrong in the name of religion. There might be nothing wrong in the name of modern world. Some people tolerate the diversity in sexual preference, some don’t. It definitely takes time for the society to accept every possibility in life.

The situation now might not be too extreme because there are several communities that are backing up the fact that homosexuals do exist and accept them. Equal opportunities, equal rights, equal valuations among so many diversities in life can be achieved. Regardless gender, religion, skin color as well as sexual preference.

In the end, we have to leave it the way we want it to be.