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17      There Is Always Next Year

Being a fan of infamous sports teams can be very stressful.

From the beginning of the 2003 season, it was very upsetting to see one of my favorite baseball teams, the New York Metropolitan (the NY Mets in short) lost one game after another. The 1962 Mets was announced as the team with the worst record in Baseball for wins and losses (40-120).

NY Rangers - the line up

It is bad enough with the Mets, another disappointment comes from the New York Rangers. The last time they won the Stanley Cup, was back in 1994. Games after games, seasons after seasons, there has not been any luck.

With the hype of World Series and the fact that Chicago Cubs had not been a champ since 1908 and Boston Red Sox since 1918, I was rooting for these two teams to meet up at the Championship final seven series. Two nights ago, the Cubbies lost the seventh game to Marlins. It was a tough loss.

Last night, it was dé jâ; vu all over again with the Red Sox. It was devastating to see them lose the seventh game, although I am not a Red Sox fan but I was hoping that they would win it. I loathe the Yankees because they have won so many championship series. It is not a good reason to dislike a team but hey, any reason is good enough.

Rooting for a sport team and finding that they keep losing is not fun at all. But, there is always next year. Keep the hope up high!