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21      Got Dishes?

If you are like me, daily-chores play quite big roles in life. Starting from laundry, vacuuming, table-wiping, scrubbing the bathroom tiles, watering the plants, cooking and not to mention, washing dishes.

Aarrghhh!Some might find cooking as a tough time. But, nothing can beat the after-effect of the whole cooking process. I am talking about leftovers, grease, mess, smell and how about piles of dishes?

If you have a dishwasher, disregard this whole thing. But, commonly speaking, all of us cannot get away from washing dishes manually.

Back in the days, during college, I used to live with two roommates. The house was big; it even had a backyard to do barbeque. One roommate was clean and neat. The other was indifferent and messy. He thought he lived in a free world — free of house chores, that is.

Cereal all day, all nightHe loved having cereals in the morning, the afternoon and the evening. It was not an issue. The problem was that he always piled the dishes up high, never planned to wash them. As we were living together, the neat roommate and I had no choice but to do the dirty dishes that the free guy left. If we had not done it, we would have left with no clean utensils to use.

Aarrghhh!One day, we decided that enough was enough. We planned to hide dishes that we personally used. Both of us kept our own plates, bowls, spoons, knives and forks. As days passed by, the free guy kept piling up the dishes. This time, nobody cleaned his mess. He ended up not having anymore clean plates or bowls. Eventually, he had to do the dishes and realized his mistake. Since then, he stopped having meals at home. :-D

Let's go!House chores are parts of growing up. They are also parts of being mature. When we were little, our parents used to do the chores for us. From laundry, making our beds to washing dishes. There is no way we can keep depending on other people to do the daily-chores for us.

The morale of the dish story:
  1. The longer you wait to clean up, the harder it becomes because food congeals and sticks to the pot.
  2. Dirty dishes that sit around too long can grow germs.
  3. These germs can make you sick.
  4. You can help out in your house by getting those dishes to the sink where they can be washed.
  5. Waste no time cleaning up after you finish dining.

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“The washing of dishes does seem to me the most absurd and unsatisfactory business that I ever undertook. If, when once washed, they would remain clean for ever and ever (which they ought in all reason to do, considering how much trouble it is,) there would be less occasion to grumble; but no sooner is it done, than it requires to be done again. On the whole, I have come to the resolution not to use more than one dish at each meal.”
Nathaniel Hawthorne (1844) while Mrs. Hawthorne was away.