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28      For A Better Life

  As an immigrant, are you often asked what the reasons why you moved to another country. Why would you pack your stuff and leave your life back home?

When a person decides to migrate to another country, there is quite a list to contemplate whether the final decision would be good or not. Starting from whether the person is ready for a whole new environment, lifestyle, future as well as dealing with new people, new jobs, new ways of thinking. Basically, a whole new world.

For immigrants, the reasons of moving to another country can vary from exploring new career to settling down. But one thing in common from them is for a better life. Nobody wants to move to another place for a worse condition. When a person decides to leave everything behind to start a new life, it is all for a better future.

Being an immigrant in another country is a challenge. Let alone moving to a new place where you know nobody. It is a huge step in life.

Living in big cities like Sydney, Singapore and New York is not an issue for any immigrants. The locals are used to seeing new faces and very open toward the idea of welcoming immigrants as assets to their homeland. But what about small cities like Poughkeepsie, Brunswick or Whyalla? Do you even know that some people are still against others from different races with different skin colors?

Only days ago, there was a protest in Nassau County against gay and lesbian communities. A recent bias attack on an Asian man and his father broke on Staten Island. These incidents happened in two major towns in the US. There are more incidents elsewhere.

Decision on migrating to another place, be it another town, city, country or continent, should be pondered thoroughly. It is not as small as deciding whether to take a road trip down South; not as small as deciding what is for dinner either. It is a decision which would affect one's life, generation and future.

If you were to choose, would you leave your good life and move to another country?