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29      Jane’s Addiction

  Everybody has their own deep dark addictions. Are they bothering you or people around you? Are they that bad? Would you admit to having them?

It is only human to have certain addictions in life. Addiction does not equal habit. For instance, smoking is an addiction, not a habit. According to the Thesaurus, “habit” as synonymous with inclination, tendency, routine, while “addiction” brings up fixation, chemical dependency, obsession.

Waking up at 8am, going straight to the bathroom, brushing my teeth while in the shower, brewing coffee with a coffee machine are some of my morning habits. But, when it comes to coffee, I have to have it, especially in the morning. When I do not have it first thing in the morning, I feel restless. Like something is missing. Coffee is one of my addictions. It is a result of one of my habits.

Now, when it comes to addictions such as smoking, alcohol or plain coffee, is it possible for us to get rid of them? After all, addiction is normally associated with something bad.

Smoking is bad for your lungs and one of the causes of cancer and brain damage. Nicotine stains your teeth and cuts your life span by years. Alcohol is bad for your kidney and one of the culprits of kidney failure and heart disease. As for coffee? It stains your teeth. It is bad for your baby, if you were a woman and expecting. Caffeine itself is bad for your bones. Studies have found caffeine increases excretion of calcium in the urine.

The above addictions might sound very mediocre if compared to others such as addictions to gambling, pornography, sex, drugs or even vulgarity (the misuse of language).

Are addictions curable? Yes. 12 Steps is a site which offers help through a spiritual way. Help is also offered by anonymous groups, such as alcoholics anonymous group and others. There is also site like Smart Recovery that helps individual fight their addictions.

At the end, it all comes down to willpower. You either have it or not.