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30      The Art of Matchmaking

  Have you been set up by someone performing as a matchmaker? Have you ever played matchmaking for somebody? Does matchmaking really work?

Matchmaking, by far, is one of the most efficient tools in getting two people together. Whether they end up being together forever, it is a different issue. The hard part is to set them up.

Living in a big city like New York can be tough. Being single in the city is even tougher. For when there are so many ups and downs just by being in a big city, each one of us has a desire to share them with somebody.

Back in college, a friend often told me that she was quite desperate in finding a boyfriend. She was not bad looking herself. That is besides the point. Being curious, I asked her why. She said because living in big a city, it would just be perfect to have somebody to share with. In this case, a boyfriend.

In contrary, one of my male friends once told me that he could never have a girlfriend because if he had had one, he would have had to abandon her. He was too busy with study, work and games.

Clearly enough, people who are oblivious of finding partners in life, are not quite the targets of matchmakers. They are content with their life situations they do not need any love network. But ask yourself, doesn’t everybody needs somebody?

Chances are you have been asked before to introduce a friend to someone else or maybe you have asked a friend to find a match for you. This is when matchmaking role comes around. Whether we as concerned parties can offer the best match for our friend, or whether we can count on our matchmaker friend to come up with someone compatible for us.

In a modern world that we are living now, we are more open toward the idea of finding a life partner through others. Although there is a slight chance we might not feel comfortable with being hooked up with someone else. Let’s just say we decided to take the chance. What would be next?

The art of matchmaking lies on the matchmaker and the client. Regardless of the position we are at, there are plenty of things that should be taken as consideration. Such as, gathering basic information (eg. age, height, weight, race, religion), matching personal preferences and of course, finding the right person.

As being a client, there is nothing to worry about, but the first meet-up. I would rather not call it as the first date. Nobody wants to give a bad first impression to a match, right? Therefore the first meeting plays a big role.

Whether it will be a success or not, it all comes down to each individual involved. If we want to make it happen, it will happen. If not, we can always think of it as taking the plunge. Maybe the person is not for you, maybe the person is. Who knows? Only you can tell.