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07      No, You Didn’t!

  There are events in our lives that when you think back or tell someone what you did, one line comes up “No, you didn’t!”.

I don’t know about you but there are a lot of times when I look back, I just have to do Homer Simpson's version of “Don’t!”. It doesn’t happen all the time, but it happens. Here are a few of those special events.

It was another late night. No more food, no more milk. I had to go, get some groceries. I walked into Foodtown to get what I needed for the night or even for the week. One thing that I forgot — I had not had anything for the whole day ergo I was really hungry. Going food shopping while you are hungry is never a good idea. I ended up getting more stuff than I possibly needed; I even took those power bars that I did not normally take when I could sanely shop. Don’t!

On the way to meet up a cousin in Brooklyn, we took a drive down onto the BQE (Brooklyn - Queens Expressway) to reach Brooklyn from Queens. There were two signs when we reached the tip of BQE before Williamsburg bridge. The left sign said Brooklyn while the right one said Staten Island. We did not want to go to Staten Island for sure. Left or right? Left or right? It was too late we took the left way. Damn, it was wrong. It turned out we went all the way to Manhattan, instead of Brooklyn. We turned back to square one. This time we made sure we took the right way. It was not so easy; there were two exits to get there. The first exit or the later one. As normal people, we took the first one we could see. Wrong! It was New York City Marathon day! The roads at the exit that we took were all closed. Don’t!

It was another girls' night out! It had been quite a long time since the last time I had drinks with my female friends. At the last minute I decided to take the brown bag instead of the black one. I was ready to hit the club. By the time I got there, all my friends were there. We were so ready to have drinks and some fun. By the entrance, a bouncer asked us for our IDs as usual. Bummer, I forgot to transfer my stuff from the black bag. My ID was in it! I could not get in without an ID. Don’t!

As far as “No, you didn’t!” incidents, I have so many more, it’s not even funny! It’s not that I am butterfingered but I am just a human being.
Then again, aren’t we all?