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08      Weblog — A Perspective

  Who am I to judge? But then some blogs simply push my buttons — buttons of being critical and judgmental. Here is one perspective.

The idea of being able to write an online journal is fabulous because
1) you get to write whatever you want to write (even the food that you ate that day) at the convenience of your own and 2) you do not need any traditional writing tools such as a piece of paper or pen (except your computer and keyboard, of course) to write your so-called journal.

An interesting discussion on the reasons why bloggers blog (Note: what of a blog? Click here). A blog is a medium to write commentary, essays, personal notes, links, points of views, etc. The possibilities are endless. But then, does a blog exist without any readership? Can a blog still be a blog without anyone reading it?

Regardless of one’s main purpose of blogging, chances are new bloggers are born every single day. Why? Because we like to write things that amaze us. Because we like to share how we feel about some things. Because we like the idea of being able to post something that other people can read and agree or disagree of it. And most of it all, because we like the attention.

Some bloggers, however, take the whole blogging business too seriously. I don’t understand why some blogger has to say things like “sorry, I haven’t written for so long” or “I’ve been too busy to write, sorry”. If anyone falls into this category, all I can say it’s all right, take your time. We can always catch up. Why does anybody have to worry about it, anyway? All of us have our own lives to worry about.

Other bloggers are extremely careful with what they write. As if the whole blogging process was a matter of life and death. If they write something that stirs up controversy, they are afraid that others will find it too offensive and not want to go back to their site and stay away from it for good. Now, to have that kind of mindset is not too healthy, is it?

A blog is yours and until you decide to give it out to someone else, it will always be yours. If other people don’t like what they read, you won’t lose your sleep over it. If they don’t like what you write, they can always click your site off — just like what we do to those annoying pop-up ads. If you don’t keep track on how many people visit your site nor care about what they think of it, believe me, you are doing fine.

Owning a blog is like owning a property. Now when you own something, you don’t want anybody to take any control of it, right? You also make sure that nobody has any saying of it. Why? Because it is all yours. You own it. Like I said earlier — who am I to judge?