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11      Greeting Cards and Me

  Sometimes I wonder if it is a disease — a contagious disease. No, no — a incurable contagious everlasting disease. Wonder if you have it, too?

With the Holiday season coming up, I am back to my seasonal activities. Browsing shops, searching for the right ones, purchasing them and mailing them at the end. What am I talking about? The greeting cards!

A close friend asked me what is up with the greeting cards? This happened last week when I showed him that I had started sorting out cards to be sent out for Christmas. He later on said that it was even too early to start thinking of Christmas.

We always have a holiday for ourselves — a special day. Once a year. Birthday, anniversary, for instance. Something that is associated with them is greeting card. Personally I think it is the simplest way to wish a person who celebrates the special day with a card. It is also a way to remind them that yes, I do remember your special day. Not that it matters but it feels good for the person, and for me.

Once my friend from Bandung, Pisang, expressed how impressed he was because I always remembered to pass him a card on his birthday each year. I don’t do that anymore — sending him birthday cards because we have lost touch — but somehow I always recall that particular remark of his. Because I remember of saying “It is not difficult to do that”.

People might find me lunatic to be doing that — the greeting card thing. Literally I have to spare some time off my schedule to go to a shop, find a card, buy it, write on it, put a stamp on it, send it and voilà! Why would anybody do that, you ask? Because I am anal like that.

Some people find holding Thanksgiving party every year entertaining. Some people find knitting a sweater relaxing. Some people find sending out greeting cards each year as something fun to do.

It is fun because you get to choose which card is suitable for which person, you decide whether to make your own card or buy it, you get to write whatever you want to write on that thick piece of paper.

At the end, the satisfaction lies on the person who receives it and you as the sender. For delivering the satisfaction — the annual satisfaction.