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12      What A Small World!

  Here is the thing with living in this world. There are events after events that make you think, are we all connected for some reason?

Wherever you live, chances are you know people that know your friends that are related to your relatives that tell you they know them and so on. Are you with me?

In Singapore, I used to date this guy — with me, in Singapore and him, in Jakarta. At the same time I had some online friends as well. The IRC was quite popular back then. One day he told me about this guy in LA, apparently one of his friends, who was becoming a professional DJ. I was like, “Wait a minute, I know that guy. That’s someone I know of — one of my online friends”. I mean, how many times have you heard of someone becoming a DJ? I asked him what his friend’s name was. He mentioned it. I was stunned because it was the same guy that I knew. Coincidence?

One evening I decided to see this documentary on cable. It was a presentation by independent filmmakers on orgasm. Uh-huh, you heard it right — the big O. At the first few minutes, I fast-forwarded because parts of the documentary were pretty raunchy — not that I minded. But, I saw a familiar face while doing that. I stopped and let it play. This is exactly what I saw. One of my clients, having numerous love-making styles with her boyfriend while trying to achieve the sacred O. The whole scene was presented on a big screen in front of a large amount of audience. It was weird seeing her naked, on top of that, with that particular scene. Thank goodness, I don’t have to deal with her anymore.

Another time, P and I were watching the box. I decided to flip the channel to a show called ‘Single in the Hamptons’. As he was getting bored, I was getting into it because I was curious how the Hamptons looked like. I saw one of my clients on that show! He owned a boutique on the Upper East Side. I saw him assisting a lady with clothes. She looked wealthy, meanwhile my client looked as usual, cheerful and helpful. I was once again stunned by the whole situation. How could I keep seeing all these familiar faces on national TV? Okay, twice. But, still...

There is another incident worth mentioning. The first few months I started this whole blog thing, I decided to put up some pictures as well. You know, pictures of self, families, friends, etcetra. One day I found a message on my tagboard by a blogger whose site I enjoyed visiting — still do. sLesTa wrote that she saw my pictures and recognized my ex-roommate. He was her senior in high school. How more coincidental could it get? I had never met her in my life nor heard of her in the past and suddenly she mentioned of knowing my ex-roommate. Now, what are the odds?

So really, how small is this world? Is your world as small as mine?