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16      When In Doubt, Get New Appliances

  There is something about new appliances that a discussion on either getting new ones or keeping the old ones can be unresolvable.

Reminiscing College time, when the three of us decided to rent this house in Cremorne. It was a three-bedroom house with a huge backyard. When we first saw it, the lawn was fully covered with tall grass. As we went into the house, there were old things everywhere. Old kitchen cabinets, old stove, old refrigerator, old linoleum, old moldings, old bathroom tiles, old doors, old hinges — basically old everything.

By the time we moved in, things did not get any newer. Maybe new people, new curtains; the windows were so big we had to put up curtains not blinds. However, we moved more old stuff into the house. Old TV, old radio, old phone, old tables, old sofas, old beds, old shower curtains. Why? Because that was just the way it was meant to be.

Another time, another place. While renting an apartment unit in Queens, things got more challenging than before. We had a mix of old and new stuff at the same time. Isn’t it always the case with living just about anywhere? It seemed like we did a lot of selling old stuff. We had an old TV, we didn’t like it. After a week of an online auction, it was sold.

Next thing it was the Futon. It was used as a bed twice, first by me when I first moved in and second by Brandy from Upstate who came to visit. Most of the time, it just sat there and looked lonely in the living room. We sold that too. Why? It was time to move out of the apartment and a great idea to have somebody take it out of the place without any cost. In fact, we got money for it. How better could it get?

After all the auctions and transactions, little did we realize that we would end up having less things than we were supposed to.

Not until we moved into a new place. We just had to have a new TV in the bedroom, a new closet, new bed sheets, new desk, new living room set, new bookcase, new towels, new shower curtains, new toilet bowls, new basin, new oven, new fridge, new carpets, new rugs, new mirrors, new paintings, new frames, new sink even new rubbish bins.

The thing with getting new stuff or appliances, they make the whole place look like brand new. As if it was built only yesterday. They give a fresh new look. They even make me feel like a brand new person.

The downside, of course, the cost of getting new appliances. They don’t come cheap. But again, nothing does. One thing for sure, you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do.