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18      Men And Women: An Overview

  Intrigued by a recent post on Richoz's site, retaliation is the word today. Whether men are really from Mars and women are from Venus.

Note: This overview is simply a respond to the above-mentioned post. No part of this is meant to be used against it. Do have an open mind before continuing reading it.

On Toilet Seat
If you try hard enough, you can take a seat while doing it — that’s probably why it’s called ‘toilet seat’ and not ‘toilet stand’. In fact, sitting down while doing it is far tidier than standing up.

On Sunday = Sports
In fact why not everyday = sports? News to you guys, we women happen to like sports as much as you men do. If it’s not the case for you, try getting your woman involve in it.

On Shopping
Some women hate shopping as much as men do. Then again, if it’s not the case, put it this way, shopping to women is like cars to men. They are inseparable.

On Crying
Remember the line ‘No Woman, No Cry’? It’s one of our natures, sometimes.

On Hints
We women don’t want to sound too blatant — in other words we are not that rude.

On Yes and No
It’s your call on make it clear if you want only yes or no and nothing in between (a.k.a. the grey area).

On Headache
What headache?

On Old Comments
True that!

On Victoria's Secret
Maybe if you as the man can supply your woman with some of Vic's Secret, we can totally reveal our secrets. As for soap opera men, who says we like them?

On Fat
The key is compliment.

On Interpretation
Regardless of our genders, all of us tend to interpret things differently.

On Asking To Do Something
We are just being specific on what we want. Face it, it’s everyone’s nature to ask somebody to do things.

On Making Comments During A Show
It is normally an accident.

On Directions
Ever heard of the word ‘help’?

On Colors
If they could come up with 256 of them, why can’t you?

On Itch
What about ‘Seven Years Itch’? Can you scratch that too?

On ‘Nothing’s Wrong’
Sometimes we want you to dig the truth. The harder you try, the more convinced we are of your concern.

On Wearing Anything
You sure want your woman to look descent, don’t you?

On Asking ‘What are you thinking?’
We just care about you.

On Clothes
It’s not our fault that they come up with so many styles.

On Shoes
Shoes are like tools. You need tools, we need shoes.

On Shape
It’s all for the sake of your health.

Bottom line is, yes, women and men are different. The differences are so great there is no way to combine them all. Accepting your partner's flaws is a challenge for you and me.