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17      Time Flies in December

  Before you know it, it will be yet another countdown to a new year all over again — whether you are ready or not.

Is it just me or it feels like it was only yesterday we were anticipating the new millennium. I could have sworn the last time I saw the calendar, it said the first of December. Now? It is eight days to Christmas, fifteen to a new year. Should we recap the year? Nah... I’ll save it for next time.

So what’s up with the month of December that it feels like a breeze?
The first week of December, it felt like it was still November until your supervisor asked what date it was that day. The week went onto the second. The same thing happened again, same every day. Work, work and work. Next thing you knew, it was time to do house chores again on weekend. But, wait a minute! Now we were moving onto the third week of December. Only now, I realize how time flies — real fast.

Some of us think it is not a big deal. It’s December, so what? Well, first thing first, all of us know that if you celebrate Christmas, it’s time to get down with the dirty business once again; that is Christmas shopping. Even though you might not celebrate it, don’t tell me you don’t celebrate New Year's Day or the Eve.

All of us in New York have been blessed with such an opportunity to be able to experience the New Year's Eve Ball every year since 1907. It has become a universal symbol for everyone in the whole world.

I, personally, have never observed it live in Times Square because
a) I tried being a spectator to something live like Thanksgiving Day parade last year or this year's Halloween parade, one thing I learned that live parade was never meant to be for small people. It was either that or everybody else grew much faster than I; and
b) I am pretty anal about the bathroom or toilet or restroom or powder room or ladies’ room or whatever you call it. If I’ve gotta go means I have to go. But who knows this year? Maybe I’ll give it a go.

Whatever your plans are — have fun, be safe. Don’t forget to plan ahead and yes, it includes your travel itineraries. In the mean time, I’ve just crossed more names off my shopping list which is a relief because that means I am almost there.

What are your plans like for the year end or new year?