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21      The Art of Grocery Shopping

  Not one person can get away from grocery shopping at the age of nineteen onwards or whenever your parents decide to kick you out of the house.

Grocery shopping is tricky. You may have a location preference in getting your daily or weekly or even monthly groceries. Whether it is your local mini market or a wholesale store like Costco, or BJ's, one thing for sure is people go there for groceries.

Thousands of carts

The benefits of local mini market is of course the convenience of walking distance. The downside is the limited varieties of things that can be found there. The same goes to the wholesale stores. They are fairly far; you have to drive your car when it is 28°F out. The upside is surely the huge varieties of anything anyone needs in large quantities at discounted prices.

Or Platanos in Español

When going grocery shopping, there is supposedly an art to do it. If you notice, there is so much more stuff in a food store than anybody can think of. You cannot simply write ‘Apple’ on your grocery list because by the time you hit the store, you will find thousands of differents kinds of Apples — okay, the truth is maybe about ten. Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Gala, Fuji, Granny Smith, Braeburn, Jonagold, Pink Lady, Cameo — and this is only from the Red Apple family. Meanwhile you have other colors such as Yellow Apples, Green Apples, etc. It can be overwhelming.

Doggone it, they say

That is just one situation. How about the amount of food that is already pre-packed for consumers? I am talking about the cold cuts, the meat section, the frozen food. If you have a big family, it might not be a problem to find the amount of food that are offered. But what if you are a one-person family? What are you going to do with 10 lbs of chicken legs or 2½ dozens of eggs or a gallon of milk? It is amazing how much of a portion supermarket can offer these days. No wonder I rarely went out grocery shopping when I lived alone. It could be such a turn-off.

Got Milk?

Tell me again why grocery shopping as a subject? Because it is Christmas week, everybody seemed to be going shopping other things but groceries; so it was the first time to see such an empty Pathmark today. I even wondered if it was going to be this way two days before the big C?