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24      Christmas Shopping

  Whether you come from a small or big family, one thing on the to-do list each Christmas is shopping. It is not just any shopping, it is a never-ending shopping.

What is one thing that stands side by side to Christmas Day? One word — Shopping. Today when my feet hurt while shopping for the last person on my Christmas list, I just realized that I had never done more shopping at other times than Christmas. It was mad, all right.

It is not a hassle to get things for others, especially for the loved ones, but there are things that just become such obstacles during Christmas shopping. Mad human lines at the cash registers, the crowds in the stores, the limited sizes of sweaters to get, the attitudes of the cashiers and other shoppers — just to name a few. Not to mention, the poor feet.

It makes you think, if doing Christmas shopping for everyone reflects the spirit of Christmas itself. Some of us might say that Christmas has become so commercialized these days that we all have less and less knowledge of the true Christmas.

What most of us do these days on Christmas are having Christmas dinner, giving the gifts out, opening them and drinking eggnog. How about other things that are more related to Christmas? Not only Christmas mass on the Eve or the Day itself, they can be others like your relationship to the big L or a moment to comprehend the significance of Christmas.

In one way or another, Christmas shopping can be summed up as something related to Christmas. Why? Because when you shop for others, it means to give; it means to reciprocate.

Whatever your Christmas tradition is, enjoy! If you do not celebrate it, who cares? Just shop, for Christmas' sake! When it comes to shopping, any reason is good enough to go out and splurge — quoted by all the hard-core shoppers — definitely not me.

Have a blessed Christmas, everyone