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31      Auld Lang Syne*

  In accordance with welcoming a new year, there are several things that are conventionally done, years after years.

The last day of the year holds an important part in each one of us. Some of us might think it is just any other day, but it is the last day of the year, for Heaven's sake! By now you should have figured out what your plans are for the New Year's Eve.

Some of us do a little flash-back of the departing year. Things that reflect the whole entire year. What we have done, gone through, accomplished, can be quite a list, regardless of good times or bad times.

Some of us think ahead, think of the future — resulting resolutions for next year. They vary from ‘go on a diet’ to ‘quit smoking’. They can be ‘save more money’ or ‘eat more healthily’. Whatever your resolutions are, make sure to be honest and reasonable in order to achieve them. Here is one of the ways to keep your new year's resolutions.

Some of us might want to stay at home, drink to our hearts' content or simply gather with family, watch the telly or go out for the last supper of the year at a fancy restaurant.

Some of us celebrate it all night long until the arrival of the new year. While New York has the Ball Lowering in Times Square, Sydney has the Fireworks over the Bridge, and Singapore with its Nation's Countdown — largest outdoor beach party on the island of Sentosa.

Wherever you are, there is always a little celebration in each one of us to welcome a new year. Why? Because we tend to be optimistic for next year. New year means new hope. Whether we are going to make it, it is another question. For now, though, do Come Out and Play. Party like it is 1989.

* Auld Lang Syne is the world's New Year's song. Auld means ‘Old’. Lang means ‘Long’. Syne means ‘Since, Ago’. The entire sentence means the good old times. More?