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07      Public Transportation Obscenities

  Public transportation consists of drunk, sober, normal, insane, soft, loud, annoying, smelly, straight and not to mention sick, very sick people.

She ran across the street to get to the bus stop. The bus was waiting for her. While getting on, she glanced over to the inside. The front section was full but the back was empty. It seemed like nobody wanted the backseats. She went to take a seat in the back. There were three young Hispanic boys who were chatting over something. They looked like in their teens. At the next stop, a Black guy came over and grabbed a seat in the back. She looked over. He looked quite intimidating — wearing a latex headcover and gangsta jacket.

Few stops later, the boys got off. Leaving her and the guy on the back seats — with him sitting two seats in front of her. The guy asked her for the time. “It’s quarter to six”. Right after she told him that, he pulled up his jacket and checked his own watch. ‘What the hell?’, she thought.

She was not looking at his direction as he was sitting on the right hand side, looking at her once in a while. Then he stood up and moved onto the left side. She changed her view to the right hand side. Next thing, she could not believe what was happening. The guy was stroking his pants right on his private area. She thought it could not be true. The next thing, he was pulling something out of his pants. He kept going up and down. It was extremely insane!

She immediately grabbed her shopping bags and got herself ready to move. Before she knew, the guy asked her yet another questions, “Does this bus stop on H Avenue?”. Being disgusted, she left the whole entire scene and moved to the front, nearby the bus driver. She was going to report it to him but it was already her stop.

¤       ¤       ¤

While walking down the hill, she remembered another time she was on a bus, on her way home. It was so packed everybody had to stand bumper to bumper. There was an man in his mid-forties sitting next to her. Right in front of him, a young girl wearing tight hoochie-mama pants. She could not be older than fifteen.

The girl was talking to the boy next to him who looked like her brother when suddenly the bus driver hit the brake hard. The old man pointing his finger out straight onto her private area. She could not believe her eyes she was sitting right next to this pervert. The girl gave him a mean look straight after that. Next thing, it was her stop. All she could think of was, what a way to start off the year!

¤       ¤       ¤

Note: This is based on true stories. Obsceneties on any public transportation is against the law. A jail sentence is imposed if proven. To be continued...