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07      Everyday People

  To mention the City without the celebrities would be quite impossible.

When I saw Chris Noth during my lunch break last Thursday, I could have sworn I had never felt more human. He had the same food as I had for lunch. He had the same aggrevation as any human could have. He had the same facial expression as the lady standing next to him on line, asking him whether he was still dating Tara Wilson — his respond was, unsurprisingly, “I don‘t know!”. He had the same black overcoat on as I. Although nobody looked more haggard than he. The final episodes of Sex & the City had probably worn him out.

A few weeks ago in Astor Place, I saw Phylicia Rashad or better known as Mrs. Cosby on the Cosby Show. She was getting some late-night food, complete with a mink coat and an LV signature bag. A store staff asked her for an autograph, her only respond was “I‘m not working now”.

Months back, as I was passing by Rockefeller Center area, they were shooting the Today Show live, as usual. Al Roker, America's favorite weatherman was standing right next to the crowd in front of me, delivering a weather forecast. It was fun in a way I could see how thin he had become since his surgery.

Last year in Upper East Side, I saw Joe D'Amato and asked him whether he was a Met fan himself. If you were like me, who followed the UPN 9 News, you would notice him as one of the Sportscasters. Although he is no longer with the station, but I remembered having a small talk with him about how tanned he looked for a Winter weather, his interview with Bobby Valentine, and how tall he looked in real life.

A couple of years ago, while having dinner with a friend in the East Village, we saw Whoopi Goldberg a few dinner tables away from us, getting ready to leave the restaurant. There was nothing spectacular happened because it went by so quickly, literally it was like watching a five-minute commercial on tv.

My friends have seen Matt Dillon, Drew Barrymore, Nick Nolte, Danny Aiello, Jesse Martin. Other people might have seen more celebrities than we. The point is no so much on being proud of seeing all those celebrities. It is more on having a mindset that celebrities or non-celebrities, we are all the same people — everyday people. They do not deserve more special treatment than your next door neighbours, not even more than you do.

However, they do deserve privacy, in any forms. Whether it is in no name-screaming in the public, nor asking about their private lives on a deli line, nor even asking for autographs in the middle of their dinner. They are just like us, same old people. The only difference is they have worked their ways up to fame, we have not — at least, not yet.