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13      Friday the Thirteenth

  Although living in a modern world, people can still be superstitious with black cats, black crows, shattered mirrors, especially Friday the thirteenth.

For a Friday the Thirteenth like today’s, it was quite a list of things that happened today on Friday the Thirteenth.

Today for the first time same-sex couples could get married legally and obtain their marriage licenses in San Fransisco. So far, San Francisco Assessor Mabel Teng had wed nearly 100 couples and vowed on the news that San Fransisco City Hall would stay open until midnight if it was necessary. While others were planning on going North, to Canada where same-couple marriage had been legalized since June 2003.

On a lighter note. On the way to the bank, I saw my co-worker walking steps ahead. We ended up being on the same line for the next available teller, using the same teller, saying hi as we passed by. Same time, same place, same teller. Weird.

While waiting for the train to come, I overheard a lady asking a couple of girls whether they were aware of the subway system. She was asking a direction to Rockefeller Center. I did not hear the rest of it because the train was making its way with a loud noise as usual.

However on the train, I saw the two girls, that were supposed to let her know where to stop, were heading to an opposite way. Then I approached the confused-looking-lady and offered help because first, I knew how it felt to be lost and second, my train passed by Rockefeller Center on my way home, anyway.

We talked throughout the trip. Apparently, she was from Sydney (where I lived for years), living in a suburb (I used to live in suburbs there), thinking of selling off their house and moving to Cremorne (I used to live in Cremorne). She knew very well the college that I went to, having a business in printing that was related to graphics (my industry). It was almost like meeting an old neighbor. Coincidence?

Then I had to transferred. While waiting, I saw a man pointing at something and cursing. He confronted a poor lady at whom he continued cursing. The ironic thing was that she was carrying a bouquet of red roses.

Meanwhile on the bus, there was a feminine looking guy was about to get off. He said good-bye personally to the driver before leaving his mark. Yes, it was a fart, gas, pass, whatever you name it. It stunk the whole front area so much so that even the driver complained about it. Here in New York, you hardly hear bus drivers open their mouths.

Back to the discussion on Friday the Thirteenth. Is that true Friday the Thirteenth is a day fraught with wickedness? A day that owns a power to wreak havoc in our lives? For some people who are superstitious and told it will be a bad day, they constantly remember all the bad occurrence throughout the day and relate to Friday the Thirteenth.

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Whether you are superstitious about Friday the Thirteenth or not. Whether you believe in bad things happen on Friday the Thirteenth or not. Whether you get worried on Friday the Thirteenth or not. One thing for sure, you might want to consider staying in bed for the day.