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23      Sex and the Finale

  Bet you anticipated it. Bet your eyes were fixed onto the box for a good forty-five minutes. The final episode left a bittersweet taste, or did it?

Last night was the series finale of HBO’s ‘Sex and the City’. After six seasons of love, friendship, fashion and fantasies, it reached the-end line. The BIG question was, of course, would it be the Russian or Mr. Big?

‘Sex and the City’ had become such a huge household name for quite a number of reasons. First, it was mostly filmed in New York City — who does not know New York? Who does not love New York? Second, it revolved around four single women, in search of basic needs in life, such as love, occupation, sex and the city. Third, it possessed romantic touch as well as human touch. Four, we, all women, could one way or another relate to it. Five, it was the sex — sex sells. And so on, and so forth.

Catching the final episode of ‘Sex and the City’ last night felt like watching the Super Bowl XXXVIII. The crowd from the Super Bowl night was beer, popcorn and no comments until the commercials. Meanwhile, last night’s crowd was none others but wine, fishes and comments during the show. Although our crowd could have never beaten the ménage à 50 in a loft in Manhattan last night.

Like most tv series, ‘Sex and the City’ sometimes seemed unreal. How could a writer like Carrie afford a big spender’s lifestyle — eg. Manolo Blahnik, Prada, Gucci? How did Samantha, the entertainer get to do almost every man in the City without catching an STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease)? How did an art-enthusiast like Charlotte lead such a luxurious lifestyle without having to work? And how did Miranda the lawyer become so soft-hearted after being a tough cookie for years? People change but definitely not that dramatically.

Sure, we can relate to ‘Sex and the City’, because we all women like fancy clothes, funky shoes, wicked hairdos and nice men — not to mention the sex. Being a woman, it can be complex because we seem to be in search of Mr. Right all the time. Therefore when following episodes of ‘Sex and the City’ and at the same time, being just like any other women who live in a city, career-minded, emotional, sensitive about some issues, we can totally relate to it.

That is probably the whole reason why it was unbearable to even hear the news of the final episode, let alone watching it. Last night’s episode was complete with hearts for parent (Miranda’s willingness to take care of her mother-in-law), love over lust (Samantha finally gave in to Smith), ethnicity (Charlotte and Harry received a news on their baby adoption from China) and last but not least, Mr. Right a.k.a. Mr. Big (or John was whom Carrie found).

‘Sex’ ended with a climax. ‘Sex’ says au revoir. But we will carrie on.