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07      The Stare Game

  Men do it, women do it. We all do it. Is it good or bad?

Not only men and women are different, gender wise, we are also different as far as habits go. I am not a feminist, but there are habits of men that are worth a post.

There are men’s habits that I can totally understand, for example farting, burping, picking their noses, cursing and even flexing their muscles. But when it comes to guys who look, somehow I am still amazed. Of course, they look at none others but girls. It does not matter whether those men are attached or not, they still look hard. Do women look? Hell yeah! But believe you me, men do it more extremely than women, for some reason.

When a man looks at other women while he is with his woman, do you honestly think that his woman is fine with it? The fact that her man looks at other women. How do you think his woman feels? She probably feels like nothing, that she is not up to the level of the other women’s, that she is not attractive enough to keep her man’s eyes on her, that the other women are prettier than she, etcetra.

When a man looks at other women and he is single, it does not matter as much as to an attached man. It is no wonder that some men would rather stay single for the rest of their lives. Because being single means being able to commit the indecencies that attached men are unable to. The possibilities are beyond the limits.

That night at Webster Hall, there was no other place to meet more single people than there. Also, that night, there were plenty of self-expression, sexual energy, human touch, and of course, staring. Although, I could not deny that at places like that, more likely than not, all of us were considerate to that particular action. I had never seen so much check-it-out scene in my whole entire life before that Webster Hall night.

It was not anyone’s fault that night was a ‘Date Club’ night. Somehow we, the women, actually enjoyed the whole staring situation. We felt great that those men stared at us, at what we had been blessed with. We were a bunch of proud hotties. Did we feel the indecency right there, when those men tried to feel us up? Yes. Did we feel harassed when they stared at us hard everytime we passed by? Probably not. Clubs are simply the places to be when you want to stare and be stared at.

Is it okay for men to stare? Definitely. Regardless of our genders, we are all, in one way or another, physically attracted to others. It is only normal to be interested in any physical beauty. Although it can be degrading when a man talks to you and all he does, instead of keeping his eyes on your eyes, he keeps his eyes on other body parts. As if he were having a conversation to the pairs.

Bottom line, as long as there is no charge on staring at people (yet), feel free to do it. As long as staring is not a sin, go for it. Life is a stage after all. All of us are here to see or be seen. Life is too short to miss out all those physical attractions.