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22      To Blog or Not to Blog

  How would you like to go full frontal on the Internet, literally?

Some of us might have been using a blog tool for years. Some of us might have just started blogging after we found our next-door neighbor’s blog from a link. Some of us might look at a blog tool as a bridge to a constant readership a.k.a. online popularity. Some of us might look at it as an online journal.

Remember back in the Fifth Grade, you used to keep a journal just to write about the troublemaker sitting next to you who liked to pull your pony tail, or about your little crush on the boy in front of you, or how you forgot your homework, again.

As human beings, we tend to keep records of our lives. Be them in forms of photographs, video tapes, DVDs, scrapbooks, audio tapes or blogs. With so many blogging tools around, there is no reason to say no to blog.

More and more people blog in the World Wide Web. Moby, the musician, blogs. Al Roker, the weatherman, blogs. Wil Wheaton, the actor, blogs. Even George W Bush, the President, blogs.

Most bloggers exist in the virtual world, or what we call the Internet, because nobody tells them to. Without any endorsement. Most of us, too, blog because we enjoy writing about no one else but us.

For some, a blog is a tool to write about everyday life. What we eat for breakfast, where we go during lunch breaks, why we still think about the ex-girlfriends, when we are going on vacation. It is more or less a communication tool between the bloggers and the readers — they can be friends, online friends, acquaintances or even your project manager.

For some, a blog is a medium to express our point of views on things, currents events, world issues or even our coworker’s white sneakers. I mean, who wears white sneakers to work in the office?

Little do we know that, we bloggers put our lives on risks, as soon as we hit the ‘Publish’ button.

There have been outrageous incidents, due to blogs. An Iranian, became the first person in history to be jailed for the crime of keeping a Weblog. A Tennessean, got fired because of what she had written on her website. An ex-Microsoft employee lost his job because of a photo that was posted on his website.

To blog or not to blog — that could be the only question.