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03      Old Friends

  It was not more than five or ten years, more like two years.

By now, you must have heard the famous ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’ line. But, guess what? A friend or two can get lost within time and locations. Before you realize it, it has been a good two years since you last saw them.

In case you don’t know, living among eight other millions of people can be pretty tricky. Picture yourself of losing touch with friends and sometimes wishing for them. It is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

So I guess you can imagine how surprised I got when someone tapped me on my shoulder and called my name the other day. It turned out it was an old friend. You should have seen my face. Remember ‘The Mask’ — the movie with Jim Carrey in it? Well, my jaw almost dropped that low. It was one of those meetings at the most unexpected place and the least likely thought of.

Finding an old friend is nice because you have a chance to catch up and chat, unless if the person is on the job then there is so much to say. Seeing an old friend is like being thrown a surprise party sans the secret birthday cake. You do not know how to react at first. Then, you do not know what to say or how to end the conversation but exchanging numbers. Wishing that we could fill in each other, eventually.

Then friendship bites. You begin contemplating if you should make the first move to contact. Nobody really likes the first moves. First moves are big steps to take. You start pondering if it is the right choice, if it is not like a blast from the past. Before you know it, you have analyzed way too much on something as complex as friendship.

There are ways to try finding those good old friends. As a matter of fact, there are websites everywhere that offer service in finding old classmates, old relatives and simply, old friends. Do not forget sites like Friendster and Orkut where finding old friends are like finding index books at the library. It is as simple as typing those first and last names!

Friends do come and go. Friends do stay and leave. New friends are silver but old friends are gold. All I know, we are going for a cup of Joe!