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30      Friends Without Friends

  We are approaching the final episode of yet another great series, friends.

Since its debut in 1998, ‘Friends’ has become such a household name that it is not too much to say that almost everyone in the world knows it. Just like ‘Sex and the City’, it is hard to let Friends go.

What is the it factor that has made ‘Friends’ such a hit? Is it because it depicted lives in New York City? Is it because it involved six young professionals that dealt with everyday problems? Is it because of its humor? Is it because it offered beautiful and talented cast?

While watching the second last episode of ‘Friends’, it just strucked me that my Thursday ritual would come to an end next week. No more guessing on what is going to happen to Rachel and Ross. No more “I can’t make it on Thursday night, there’s ‘Friends’”. No more waiting for the next episodes, because there ain’t gonna be anymore.

Perhaps ‘Friends’ has changed our lives in such a way that we want to hang onto our own friends and sip coffee at our favorite coffee shop. Or maybe it has changed our minds that we want to move to New York City and chill at Central Perk, if it has ever existed.

Although it is inevitable to say that some of the settings and episodes of ‘Friends’ are unrealistic. For instance, why did they not hang out with other people but the six of them? Why did they seem to date none others but themselves? Why did they never get sick of each other?

‘Friends’ has become a hit series, nevertheless, with its characters, plots, settings even the coffee shop. Makes you wonder what would happen to the cast of ‘Friends’.

Good Bye, Friends!

Would Matt LeBlanc be busy with a new series called ‘Joey’? Would Courtney Cox-Arquette be occupied with her and her husband’s new baby? Would Lisa Kudrow be contented just by taking care of her family? Would David Schwimmer only be engaged with work at Rape Treatment Center of Santa Monica? Would Matthew Perry be involved in more movie deals with Paramount Studios? As for Jennifer Anniston, she would, most likely than not, be making more movies and happily married to Brad Pitt.

It all comes down to one final question. From now on, my friends, as pathetic as it might sound, what should we do on Thursday nights?